Interaction Designer & STEM Educator
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Robotics Branding

Branding for a local robotics team.

Katlin Walsh - Interaction Designer & STEM Educator

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Robotics Team Branding

Web, Graphic Design, Project Management



Oakville Trafalgar Robotics Team

Live Project

Final Website



Katlin Walsh


10 Weeks Initially, Ongoing Maintenance

My Roles

Project Manager, Graphic Designer, Web Designer



00 Problem Overview

Two Teams Divided

Oakville Trafalgar High School created two robotics team with no hub for communication. Under two different brands, the community was becoming confused as to where to look for information.

Project Goals

  • Create a single website that combines information from both teams in a central location.
  • Unify team branding for events that both teams attend.
  • Create example graphics for upcoming team events.
  • Maintain brand upkeep over time. 


Visit the Live Website

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01 User Research

Novice and Educated

Web vs Print

The team operates as a small business, with different hubs of communication for different audiences. While their print based media is focused on uneducated users, their web users typically have prior knowledge of the team.


Audience members to web and print based material typically include parents, sponsors, and new team members. 


Existing team branding was based on a two colour pallet, using black as a common colour. 


02 Branding

Creating Common Ground

Red + Purple = Magenta

As individual team colors were already established, a combination of the existing red and purple inspired the creation of the new branding approach. 

Oakville Trafalgar Robotics

A playful approach to the spelling of "robotics" was utilized, incorporating the unifying high school as well as creating an individualized brand.

Accessible Fonts

Free google fonts were chosen to allow students to easily create content after the completion of the branding, ensuring that they could maintain brand consistency.


04 Web Presence

Landing Page

Wordpress Website Creation

As a main user of the website maintenance moving forward were to be the students, a website was created in wordpress to allow for novice users at a later date. 

A page for each member

The website was separated based on user audiences visiting the page, while a student might need to sign up for a specific task within the team, their parent requires financial information irrelevant to other audiences. 

Symbols and Quick Links

The use of symbols to associate specific information assisted users in finding information quickly, as many of the audience members do not have time to read all of the information on a page. 



04 Web Presence

Student Resources

Google Drive Integration

With the team's heavy focus on google drive resources, links were created to connect with forms and tasks for each student.

Student Experience Levels

Information blurbs were provided for novice students, while symbols were utilized for an experienced website user. 


05 Print Campaigns

Steam Era 2017

Combining Resources

As the team educates their audience on the larger corporation FIRST, they incorporated visual statistic with existing marketing into their own campaign.

Providing Information

Print based efforts are largely consumed by an uneducated family or elder audience who may not be willing to talk with the team. Providing accurate information in a written format was key to the team. 


06 Maintenance

Continued Mentorship

Continued mentorship is maintained on a weekly basis with the team to educate students regarding media tactics for video, web, and print based media. Students have been inspired to create their own promotional material, using my previous work as a reference and requesting advice throughout the process. 

We're Still working on it!

I am currently working on submitting 8 awards for the upcoming season with students, including creating 3 videos for promotional efforts and creating team graphics. Check back for updates!