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Animated Logo Creation for Canada’s Provincial Parks

Katlin Walsh - Interaction Designer & STEM Educator

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Parks Canada



Katlin Walsh


5 Weeks

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Project Manager, Graphic Designer, Motion Designer



00 Problem Overview

Canada 150 Celebration

With the celebration of Canada 150, Parks Canada issued free admittance to all national parks. As a result, an updated looping logo was required to promote individual parks.

Project Goals

  • Represent the existing Parks Canada Logo

  • Feature common activities associated with individual national parks

  • Create a looping gif to be displayed within the parks

  • Maintain existing brand standards

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 2.10.15 PM.png

01 User Research

Canadian Public


As a design for Parks Canada, the Canadian Government is the main audience. The project must also be appealing to the Canadian general public, as the parks are free and open to all.


The project would be displayed in and around a national park for promotional purposes.


The logo must maintain existing brand standards of Parks Canada, in addition to promoting activities unique to each national park.


02 Branding

Creating Common Ground


A greyscale pallet was use to maintain branding with the existing Parks Canada beaver logo and remain legible for individuals who may suffer from colour blindness or varying screen resolutions across Canada.

accessible fonts

Fonts utilized from Parks Canada’s official website was utilized to stay on brand and within accessible standards maintained by the company.

Style Tile-01.png

03 Wireframes

Standardized Style

image boundaries

Animals represented on animations were designed to have elements of the drawing breaking the confines of the circle, while nature scenes iconic to each park are confined within the boarder surrounding the image.

slogans & Park names

The park slogan of each national park was designed to be placed consistently at the bottom of the animation, while the name of each park location remains the larger prominent font at the top of each logo. 


04 Motion designs

Motion Design

Intro Gif

Intro Animation

A standard introduction was created at the intro to each park icon by zooming out from the middle of the screen.

Coin Flip Gif

coin flip

The non linear snapping motion of the coin flip maintains visual interest without overwhelming the user visually.

Pulse Gif


A small shrinking motion was added to each transition to add subtle visual interest in a consistent fashion.

Blink Gif


A quick wink was added to the official Parks Canada Logo for additional characterization.


06 animations

Final Animation

The animation represented below demonstrate the proposed logos for each national park. All animations were created using Adobe After Effect, while layouts were created using Adobe Illustrator. 

BEYOND: canada 150

Moving forward, the animations would be integrated in to different formats to be optimized for both TV and Digital ads in celebration of Parks Canada’s National Parks.